Opportunities for Venture Partners

Coramed Technologies is a small, privately held company headquartered near Chicago. We are currently focused on developing the CORA™ system, which uses new technology to provide point-of-care hemostasis monitoring to a wide range of populations.

The precursor to the CORA system, the TEG™ 5000, has enjoyed tremendous market success and is used in more than 1,100 institutions worldwide.

The medical community is clamoring for effective, affordable, easy-to-manage solutions to the health issues associated with aging, sedentary patients. As reliance on new pharmaceuticals and implantable devices increases, the ability to more accurately predict who is at risk of heart attack or stroke and deliver personalized treatment options is tremendously valuable. The principals and key team members at Coramed offer a wealth of experience in successful medical device development and marketing to satisfy this need.

Coramed received FDA marketing clearance of initial devices incorporating CORA technology in 2015. At this time we are seeking new investors to help fund a major clinical study and bring the CORA system to market.

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TEG is a registered trademark of Haemonetics Corporation.

Investor Opportunities

CORA innovations have been awarded eleven patents, with more pending.